17 Unintentionally Scary Images That Will Make You Say, “OMG” Then “Oh, I See”

1. These clothes hanging in a way that looks FAR MORE nefarious than it actually is:

LadyRaptor / Via imgur.com

“Gave me a heart attack.”

2. This hairclip that looks ready to jump out at you with its eight ~legs~:

3. And this shadow of what’s not a spider, but may as well be:

4. This creepy AF figure that’s definitely a backpack and not a demon shadow despite the way it looks:

5. This friend’s reflection that has a ghostly appearance:

6. These poorly placed boots that scared the person who actually left them there:

7. This image of someone’s mother and, not a demon in red, but just some laundry:

8. This balloon that gave its owner a near heart attack every time they woke up:

9. This comforter tossed onto a chair that now looks straight out of a horror film:

10. This coat rack that’s apparently not a demon waiting to take your soul:

11. This sunset that looks like a demonic rising in an apartment:

12. This ball of fluff that isn’t actually a spider, even though it looks a heck of a lot like one:

13. This cat who is — THANK GOD — totally fine, just lying out on some dried paint splatter:

14. This unfortunately placed shoe and roll of paper that are DEAD funny:

15. These pillows and blanket tangled up like they’re a creeper lying in someone else’s bed:

16. This pair of hip waders that scared someone’s wife when they went to go in the basement:

17. And finally, this image that made someone think they were in The Republic of Gilead for a sec there:

Today I thought I saw a woman dressed as a handmaid about to jump from a building. I called 911.


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